Design Process

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Tell us what you want!
Customer are request to convey their idea through the Design Template . You can attach the template/images in the Enquiry Form. This will give us an idea what you want. If you need any other form of airbrush or custom paint work please let us know by the Enquiry Form.
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Design Consultation
After we receive your Enquiry Form we will reply within 24hrs. If you are having trouble in conveying your idea through design template, we request you to collect images for reference and pass it on through Enquiry Form. At this stage we will give you a tentative pricing for the customization.
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Layout Design Concept
If pricing is OK!!. From your Design Template/Reference we will provide an concept on the design. The concept design will be in 2D format with Side/Front/Back view with annotations. This will give you a picture of the design concepts. Upon agree on the design we will move directly to the next stage.
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Confirmation of Order
Once agree on the design concept, we will give you the exact quote and the time require for the painting. Next you need to hand over the helmet . This can be done by drop in to our studio or fix-up a common place to meet up. During meeting if require we can share some idea/modification on the design. For out station customers, pack up your helmet and send it to us. Please make sure your helmet is packed well before shipping to avoid damages.
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Let’s Ink your Helmet
After Getting the helmet we will strip down the Helmet. This include removable of liner parts together with the vents and visor. Then the remaining liner and polystyrene are masked to isolate them from any solvents during the painting process. The Helmet are then sand to make it ready for the primer and after primer we coated with the base coat..
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It’s Delivery Time!
Once the painting is completed the helmet parts are reassembled perfectly like as earlier. The helmet is packed and ready for delivery to the customer. The customer can pick up the helmet from the studio or meet at a common place to handover the helmet. And for the outstation customers we will pack and shipped the helmet to the shipping address provided by the customer.
      Design Template
Full Face helmet template
Half Face helmet template
It’s not possible to accurately quote jobs until we get to know what do you want on the Helmet/Bike. Each Customized Helmet/Bike are unique so the pricing of the Helmets/Bike Customization is depend on the design, no of colors involve, detailing etc. All the paint job is guaranteed as long as you own the Helmet/Bike. So please fill up the Enquiry Form and let us know your requirements. We will revert within 24hrs of receiving the Enquiry Form.
Please note we do not use stickers; all logos are painted by hand.
      Enquiry Form
Here We Go!!

Please fill the form to know you better.

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      Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process? How do we get started?

First and foremost if you have not worked with us before we require you to fill out the Enquiry Form and send back to us. Then, We will revert back withing 24 hrs of submitting the form. We can chat via phone or email about what your wishes are with your design and paint job.

What is your lead time?

Depending on the complexity/detaling of the design, Paint jobs usually take about a 1-2 weeks to complete start to finish. . Some times delivery may get delay due to other Helmet/Bikes lined up in the pipeline. The time and delay will be intimated at the time of placing the order

Do you deal with chrome painting?

No, sorry to inform you that we don’t deal with chrome painting. But in future we will have the facility in our house.

Will painting a helmet damage its integrity?

No, modern helmets are constructed from ABS, fibreglass composite or carbon fibre, which are safe to paint. We also use specialist custom paints on helmets. So no worries!!

Where can I download design templates to sketch out a proposed design?

We offer Design Templates for download. The Templates are generic helmets. So if you have a different helmet than the templates you can email or ping on the given contact number for the design.

Can i use my old helmet?

Yes, if you already own a helmet you may choose to use that for your design. However, we always want to start with a brand-new glossy white or black helmet as it always gives the best results.

What if my helmet already has a design?

It’s always best to start with a plain white or black helmet, but stock designs can be painted over. Due to the additional time required the lead time will get affected.

Do Wild Custom sell helmets?

No, Wild Custom do not sell helmets. But for the outstation customer we will buy the helmet from the local shop (with bill) and customize it.

Can you give me some discount?

Please refrain from asking for deals in any form. This includes group-buys and promises of bringing us more work from your friends. If you respect our quality, artwork, products, and services that we offer, please respect the pricing as well.

Can you copy a design that i like in the internet?

In most cases, no. Besides, we’d rather come up with a special one-off design for each customer, something personal to each rider. This is custom paint job…for you, why would you spend the money to have someone else’s design?

Where do you ship to? and do you charge for shipping?

We ship all over India and International as well!! Yes. All shipping costs are paid by the customer.

What mode of payment do u accept?

We accept cash, cheque or wire transfer.

Do you offer any other services?

Yes. Wild Custom is more than merely a helmet, bike painting and design company. Please e-mail us your requirements at, or call us at (+91)-9035419545.